Because holidays at the beach every single year get a little boring, we’ve selected the most unusual and special places to enjoy a beautiful and unforgettable stay. Imagine sleeping in an igloo, a tent or up in the air, everything is possible now! Say yes to new adventures and discover exceptional experiences and getaways.

A treehouse

See the world from a new angle by enjoying a stay in an enchanted coastal rainforest on Vancouver Island. Three spherical treehouses are waiting for you to spend the night in the peacefullest place on Earth. You’ll feel like the time has stopped by staying in this amazing accommodation in the middle of the Canadian nature. Discover the Free Spirit Spheres, as they call it, and book your stay!


An igloo

Being able to admire the northern lights and the twinkling of the sky from your own bed, wouldn’t it be such a great feeling? Kakslauttanen resort offers you the possibility to discover Lapland’s nature in a way you’ve never experienced before. They have installed a couple of igloos in the middle of the Arctic which is pretty much synonym of perfection. Pure air and clean water all over you, the refreshing and appeasement this place has to offer is more than you can imagine.


A yurt

If you’re exploring Chile and looking for an amazing accommodation, Patagonia Camp has 18 yurts ready for you to spend a night you won’t forget. In complete respect of the environment and comfort, make the most of Patagonia’s nature. Gaze at the stars right from your yurt and encounter one of the most beautiful landscapes of the world.


A wagon

Yes, you read correctly, a wagon! Spend the night in a luxurious and comfortable New Zealander wagon right in the middle of a farm. The wagon is perfectly equipped in order for you to rest, relax and enjoy the country peace. Situated next to the Waimakariri River, you’ll be able to finish your stay with a refreshing swim! Make your reservation now and enjoy new adventures with WagonStays Luxury Escape.


A lodge

Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge is a revolution in the accommodation service in Sri Lanka that is well-known for its hospitality and warmth. Nestled on a picturesque tea plantation, you’ll wake up every morning by the birdsongs and will enjoy a majestic view of the mountains. It is a must while visiting Sri Lanka and its relaxing nature.


A tepee

Tepees from Capitol Reef Resort are one of a kind! It’s a perfect mix between comfort and nature exploration. If you want to explore the Red Rocks in the most authentic way it’s the way to go. Waking up with the view on the cliffs is a breathtaking feeling to share with your loved ones on a special getaway.


Pictures credits: Free Spirit Spheres / Kakslauttanen / Patagonia Camp / Hotel You Want / Madulkelle / Capitol Reef Resort

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