We all know that “time is money”. Nowadays everything goes pretty fast and we can’t waste a single minute. 24 hours in a day isn’t enough for you either? Then those apps are made for you and will make you save time.


You’re always on the road and always trying to be on time? Waze will help you save time as the app provides information about real-time traffic and offers alternatives to avoid traffic jams. How great is this?



You’re starving but didn’t prepare anything for dinner? Don’t worry, Deliveroo is here! They deliver amazing food from restaurants in no time! Moreover you help save the planet as they deliver by bike, that’s fantastic!



Your friend owes you money? We know it always takes time to get reimbursed from friends. This app is great as it’s for easy, fast and secure reimbursement. You’ll love it!



Nowadays the scanning process is very important. To you, future community manager, this app will help you monitor the information published about your brand, your competitors or your clients on the social networks, sites, blogs, etc. 



You’re always doing 3 things at the same time? So of course you tend to forget everything. Well this won’t happen anymore as this app will tell you what to do first and what can be delayed.



You tend to have the memory of a goldfish and forget all your passwords? This app will memorize them for you! In fact it allows you to group all our passwords in one keychain. Amazing!

You have an agenda as big as a President? This app will make it possible to coordinate EVE-RY-THING: birthdays, appointments, e-mails, projects, etc.



You can get the meals of your choice delivered from your favorite restaurants in less time than it takes to say Uber. UberEATS is already available in 69 countries! What are you waiting for?

ubereats gondola

Pictures credits: TechNode / ZME Science / Miss Tam Chiak / FrAndroid / Buying Time / Ignacio Santiago / Tom’s Guide / Alice & Lois / Gondola

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