You can throw out your old cameras and go pros, and go buy a 360° cameras! This new type of cameras will enable you to shoot everything that is around you, even what you are not able to see. That is why, we want to show you what is, in our opinion, the best 360° camera on the market: The Ricoh Theta S.


This camera will give you full HD resolution pictures and videos up to 25 minutes. You can even share the videos in real time as you are recording, so that the world can see what you see in live. The device has a Wi-Fi module to allow you to transfer your images on your phone. Also, the camera is super small and light, which make it easy to carry around. Plus, you even have selfie sticks for it.

Your group pictures will get way more easier, now that everyone will be able to get in the frame!


(Source: Theta 360, Instagram, Mashable, Youtube)

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