Here is a selection of gadgets that will be helpful for every drivers.

The StopSleep Ring

This device will help you stay awake while driving. Through its sensors, the ring measures the driver's activity and warns him/her in case of drowsiness.
You can find it here.

The Kenwood Dashcam

The Dashcam is a video camera that will help you record everything that happens on the road while you're driving. This device could be very useful in case of an accident.
You can find it here.

Pocket Size Jump Starter

This littler gadget will help you recharge your car battery easily; without needing another car to do it.
You can find it here.

Viper Smart Start System

Here is a system that will allow you to start and control your car with your smartphone. You will be able to lock/unlock, start the car, open the trunk, and many more.
Find it here.

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