Who’s ever had to find a photographer?  Not that simple right?! You can now breathe and relax, finding a photographer is now made easy thanks to Utopix!

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On the platform Utopix you can book a photographer for business or for private purposes in no time. Whether it’s an outdoor event, a culinary shoot, a fashion show or even an architectural project, Utopix has you covered!

Simply select the type of shoot, the location and the amount of money you want to allocate to the job, the platform will do the rest! You will be able to choose your photographer based on experience, type of photography and references. Once you’ve made your mind up you can go ahead and book the photographer directly on the website. On the day of the shoot, the photographer will arrive briefed and ready to shoot! You’ve got it, Utopix is the Airbnb of photography, easy, reliable and connected!

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Have a shoot coming up? Book your photographer online on!

Picture credits: Utopix

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