Last week we introduced you to the Fast Forward Shop in Mechelen and today we are talking about the Team. Let’s begin with the girls! They’ve got some spicy personalities in the girl part of the WAFF-crew! Want to know more about them and their affection for sneakers? Why they represent Fast Forward and what they do? Lean back and read.


” I’m Eva, 25. As 2015 was a year of change. I travelled to Asia for two months, wrote a book: Factor 25, worked my ass off, suffered from a burn-out and fell in love with Olav, my dog. ”

” 2016 will be nothing more about being myself, getting to accept and love myself and following my heart (and growing out my pixie haircut. That sounds soft, but I figured out that life is all about that (the heart, not the hair). My body has changed the past year, my life and mind did as well. It?s all about listening to my body. Found my passion for yoga, meditation and healthy food. I?m writing on my second book and rediscovered my love for music, listening and playing the saxophone. And I?m a ski-freak. I just love the mountains. “

” You can hear my voice on MNM, everyday between 10 am. and 12 am. I?m dreaming of living in Scandinavia and start taking Danish lessons pretty soon. At this moment I?m following a course to become a mental coach. I love waking up early, no smartphone, no makeup and yoga pants and big sweaters, going outside for a walk with Olav and some coffee to go, breathing in some fresh air and just being me. ”

– Why sneakers?
” I’m not very elegant on high heels and I?m an active person. Going for a walk with my dog, rushing through the supermarket, biking to the city centre. An oversized knit, big scarf, skinny jeans and sneakers, that?s my favourite outfit ever. Or a bikini and sunglasses on a deserted island, of course.”

– Why FastForward?
” Fun to meet new people, making new friends in the city I love and live.”

– Favourite sneaker?
” Everything white with a retro twist. Vans, Stan?s, Nike. ”

KELLY – kellyschippers

Kelly is wearing a pair of Puma X Alife R698 Gold.

” My name is Kelly. I just turned 30 and I’m completely fine with it. I?m trying to slow down my life but achieving this is a daily struggle. I love summertime… maybe because I’m a capricorn and came into this world on a very cold day! ”
” In 2011 my world turned upside down.. I went through a rough time but luckily I have the greatest friends and met my new roommate. He was the best listener..and eventually also the best kisser. His dream was to open a sneaker shop, for a high-heel lover this was quite unexpected. But hey! You know a woman stands by her man and truth be told… Nowadays I couldn?t live without sneakers!”
” One of the perks of being the ‘woman’ of ‘the guy from the fastforward’ is I?m always able to match my shoes with my outfit! Where the store initially was his kinda grew on me too… and now I’m helping wherever I can. In 2013 the shop expended with a new ‘team member’. Our son Oscar is a happy toddler with a passion for dancing. Especially while wearing sneakers. He doesn’t dance on Bumba but on Drake. The shop has become ‘a way of life’ we want to share with the world. ”

SAN – mypixiestory

San is wearing a pair of Nike Air Max Thea Black

” My name is San, I am 29 years old. I have a twin sister Ans, we are not completely the same but when we tell, people start switching our names.. We make an anagram. I have a daughter named Billie, she is my rock, my little friend and we make a team, no doubt. Being her mom makes me feel proud.. Hey, every mom does, but of course she can be a pain in the ass 2 sometimes. #reallife ”

” I like flaws, I think they make things interesting (note: NOT if you are Beyonce!). I hate negative people, that’s why grumpy wasn’t my favorite dwarf. I love to create! I started a printscreening course recently but luckily my teacher is always around so I won?t get inked all the time.”

” In the morning while drinking tea I let my toes play with each other. Sneakers save me from not making a fool of myself when trying to walk mannered on heels. I almost fell of the Opera stairs recently, I kid you not. I love to surprise but I am always so noisy I got caught before the action. I love to love. Friends are all that matter and I love them truly deeply. I am not perfect at all, but i am perfectly learning to live with it and it’s fine as well. #ifsocialmediawerehonest ”

– What is your favorite sneaker?
Nike Flyknit Lunar 3

– Why Fastforward?
Dynamic team, premium sneakershop, owners are close friends, great concept, #2800love , ppssst I am their marketing director.

– Why sneakers?
They save me from making a fool of myself while trying to walk mannered on heels. I think sneakers are my kind of time-management being a working mom and saving at least 45 minutes a day walking on sneakers instead of heels.

JOKE – deconinckjoke

Joke is wearing a pair of Saucony Shadow Original Teal.

” Hi. My name is Joke. I’m 33 years old and I live and work in Antwerp. For a living I work as a barista and manager for Caffènation. My son Willem (8) and daughter Stella (2) are my best friends and pride and joy in life. ”

” I?m a serious coffee-addict (I kid you not), love making pictures, (I?m a photographer) and I loose all control when I hear old school hiphop. Whenever I?m free I?m looking for new coffee places, take pictures of everything I love and spin some records as a DJ at party?s. ”
” As you can already tell, I?m a busy girl, always on the go. If I?ve got some spare time left, I love to go running, scroll miles on Instagram, hang around with my friends and kids. Oh and I recently started a small project called #BLACKGOLDigger (a ‘coffee fashion for coffee nerds’ label). ”

– What is your connection to the shop?
Sanne is my connection . I love Antwerp but I also love to get out of my hometown once in a while. Explore some new shops, food bars, coffee bars in other city?s.

– Why sneakers?
” When I was 18 and I went to school in my not so fancy sneakers (basketters is the term we used in those days), it perfectly suited my tomboyish personality. Times have changed though and since recently sneakers got a more feminine look, which gives me the opportunity to wear them on a daily basis without feeling like a tomboy. I usually wear them because they just fit so much better than fancy (tight) shoes. I walk up and down the stairs every day or I?m working behind an espresso machine for hours. Whenever I?ve got a day off, I?m always on the move. Sneakers are the only kind of shoes that are able to keep up with my life.

– What?s your favorite sneaker?
” I?ve worn Superstars from ADIDAS ever since I was 18 years old. I pick All Stars by Converse to match my outfits easily (they?re the ultimate basic everyone should have in their closet). Right now my Nike Juvenate pair however completely stole my heart. So I?m cheating on all my other sneakers. ”

LAURA – lauravandam1

Laura is wearing a pair of Puma R698 Exotic Black.

” My name is Laura. I’m 21 years old. I graduated as a hairdresser, but now I’m studying for something else. I love so many things which means that I can’t choose and I’m still busy with discovering. I own my skin tone to my mom, she is Indian and my dad is Belgian. I am very proud on my origins. I am blessed with waves in my hair and being a hairdresser makes me able to do anything I want with it. ”

” I can lose myself completely into music! I would walk around all day with my headphones on and hear no one. I?m very picky in choosing friends but the ones I have are great! I have a lot of love to give. My best friend is my sister.. She is always there for me and without saying anything we understand each other. I live from day to day and take life as it comes. I am always wondering what will cross my path. Life is a challenge and I love it! ”

” My favourite sneakers? I like simple things so my favorite is definitely: Nike Air Max Thea (black) ”
– Why sneakers?
” It is very comfortable and easy. You can wear them under any look and it’s a reflection of your personality. ”

– Why Fastforward? ”
Fast Forward Shop was all fresh for me but it’s really the place to be for nice sneakers. The shop has something unique. Also the people who work there are super friendly, which makes it more enjoyable to go there. ”

Now you know almost everything about the FastForward?s Girls! Stay tuned for another post next week in which this time the boys will tell you more about themselves and their love for sneakers.

Don’t hesitate to have a look at their Facebook page and their website or pay them a visit at their shop.
Address: Borzestraat 38, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium.

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