Mosaert is a Belgian creative label which is making music, graphic design, video, photography and clothes. The name is an anagram of Stromae and Maestro.

It is run by a mutli talented team including Paul Van Haver alias Stromae, the stylist Coralie Barbier, the artistic director Luc Junior Tam and the graphists Boldatwork.

Coralie, stylist for Mosaert, gave us her fashion secrets and her inspirations for the Mosaert collections. Discover her answers below !

What are your go-to spots for shopping in Brussels or elsewhere ?

In Brussels, I like to spend time in second hand shops like T2, Les Petits Riens, Retro Paradise, Episode or in vintage shops such as Gabrielle and Isabelle Bajart.

Abroad, I like Opening Ceremony in New York and Tokyo, Melissa in New York and Topshop in New York and London.

I spend also a lot of time on the Asos website.

T2 shop

Opening Ceremony and Topshop

What is your statement piece in your closet ?

Shoes, definitely !

What is your latest craze ?

I rarely spend a lot of money on clothes. I prefer to find an affordable but unique piece like the vintage Burberry trench and the Dior little dress I’ve found lately.

If you could work with a designer, who would it be ?

There are so many designers and I still have so much to learn! I really appreciate the work of Muccia Prada for Miu Miu and Olivier Rousteing for Balmain.

Muccia Prada for Miu Miu

Olivier Rousteing for Balmain

What are your fashion must-haves ?

I don’t think I have one, it changes everyday. Today, it’s the traditional Russian scarf for example.

What is your best fashion experience ?

I have more than one. The meeting with Jean-Paul Gaultier for TETU magazine, the shooting for Vogue Italia and the most important ; meeting Paul (Stromae) for the Mosaert project.

TETU Magazine

Vogue Italia

Can you tell us what are your fashion inspirations ?

For Mosaert, I was inspired by the work of Maurits Cornelis Escher, the Penrose triangle and Congolese Sappers. The English College style and the dandy look also inspired me a lot too for the capsule collections.

Drawings of Maurits Cornelis Escher

The Penrose triangle

Congolese Sapper

How does it feel to have your capsule collection sold at Colette in Paris ?

Well, this is a beautiful achievement and compliment. It is also an international showcase for the brand.

What inspired you to develop a capsule collection ?

We wanted clothes that both women and men can wear. So, we designed unisex clothes with classic cuts but colorful prints. It gives a perfect combination of British college style and pop African Wax inspired prints. There is no age to wear Mosaert clothes.

Capsule collection 1

Capsule collection 2

What’s up for the future ?

We just started and we are a small team so we keep concentrating on clothes but we are thinking about developing a shoes collection maybe…

Thank you to Coralie Barbier for her time and answers and thank to the Mosaert Team.

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