If you’re tired of spending all your Sundays on your couch in front of the TV watching the replay of the weekly programs, we have the solution for you! Sundays represent the way you want to end the week and how you want the next one to begin. Here is a list of things we like to do to make our Sundays less boring and more fun.

1. Take a walk in the park

Make your dog happy and spend the day in the park! It’s even a good excuse to do some sports, right? Bring your running shoes, enjoy the fresh air and end the week in a green atmosphere.


2. Take time for yourself

For those who are too busy during the week to pamper themselves, take some time to do it on Sunday! Put some Essie nail polish on and you will look lovely during the whole week. You won’t even have to wait for it to dry anymore with their Quick-E Drying Drops, you’ll be stylish in a couple of minutes only!


3. Put some order in your closet

You know that grey sweater you’re just crazy about but that you haven’t been able to find for the past 3 weeks? Well, use your Sunday to clean that messy closet and rediscover some clothes you’ve even forgotten about! This way, you’ll begin the week in a whole new spirit and you can even make your friends and family happy by giving them the clothes you don’t want anymore.


4. Have some brunch

It’s brunch time! Because we know you don’t want to wake up early on Sunday but don’t want to skip breakfast either, let’s mix breakfast and lunch and meet your friends around a perfect brunch! If you decide to do it home-made style, you’ll absolutely need some Pépins Juices at your table, these organic cold-pressed juices handmade are to die for.


5. Make some memories

Bring your family together and enjoy this day to create memories. Take your camera and immortalize these moments in order to add pictures to your interior.


6. Enjoy a good movie

Don’t wait for that last movie everyone is talking about to be available online so you can enjoy it from your bed, just book a cinema ticket and go spend your Sunday at the movies! And don’t worry, calories don’t count on Sunday, so take those popcorns!


7. Prepare a delicious dinner

Everyone has their very own definition of the perfect Sunday dinner, for us, it’s obviously the roasted chicken with french fries! So, don’t be lazy and spend the day cooking your favorite meal for tonight. Invite some friends over and end this week around your loved ones and with a full belly.


Pictures credits: Tumblr / Rosy Chicc / Arianna Belle / Brasserie Brouwershof / weknowyourdreams / Madame Rêve / Tess Gerritsen

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