Things are so much more satisfying when you do them yourself instead of just buying something already all wrapped up! It’s like cooking a good meal on a Sunday evening for all the family rather than ordering online and waiting 45 minutes for the delivery guy to come. Here are 7 ideas of DIYs, from fashion to food through gifts, it’s very original and funny to do! Be ready to use your hands!

Denim Shorts

If you are bored of buying every summer the same denim shorts don’t stop doing it and start decorating them! Glitter, laces, rhinestones or leopard prints, take your shorts to the next level and express your originality while making something new out of something old.


Cocktail Umbrellas

To make your Saturday nights even crazier, take some scissors, glue and glitter and create the cutest cocktails umbrellas! Cheers!


Lace Jewelry

Just a piece of lace and some wallpaper paste and here you are! New and beautiful jewelry. Whether it’s a bracelet, a ring or even a chocker, the choice is wide! Easy accessories that will make you more stylish than ever.


Dry Raisins

Because making something natural to eat makes us feel good, right? The taste of homemade dry raisins is so different than the ones you could find in those little red boxes in elementary school. It’s easy to make and delicious!



When it’s time for some cleaning and storage, the solution is to organize everything in little jars. Each kind of ingredient will have its own jar and you can say a big goodbye to the time wasted on looking after ingredients we usually don’t find. Those cute little jars can actually be placed anywhere in the house! You can put your lipsticks on one of them or your pencils too. Be creative!



A braid is the haircut you need if you want something simple and classy. For daytime or night, you can wear it whenever you want! Grab some elastics and a hair brush and let’s do it!



Because a pillow is the first thing you see in the morning and the last before falling asleep, it should be as pleasant to look at as the sunset on the beach. Show some imagination and print your favorite quote or symbol on your pillowcase to sleep like a baby tonight!


Pictures credits: Youtube / Pinterest / Le Meilleur du DIY / Coquelicocotte / Serious Eats / Momtastic / Brit + Co / I Spy DIY


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