Brussels has a lot more to offer other than fries and Cuberdon. Here is a selection of 10 places you probably know in Brussels where you can take amazing pictures and that will bring your Instagram account to the next level. Great architectures, natural atmospheres, colorful shots and breathtaking views, a mix of everything that makes a basic picture, a great one!

Galeries Royales

In the heart of Brussels, those galleries and their stunning style are a place to enjoy a great cup of coffee and do some shopping. Created in 1837, they are and will stay a must-see in Brussels.

Strolling along the beautiful Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert ✨ #Brussels #Belgium

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Grand Place

Internationally recognized for its architectural and esthetic beauty, the Grand Place of Brussels is the main spot of the city. It is especially pleasant to go there during the end-of-year holidays season because the big Christmas tree and illuminations bring joy to this place.

Moody sky over Grand Place in Brussels @visitbrussels / @theglasspassage

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Jardin Botanique

The Botanic Park is the place to admire the nature in Brussels. The rose garden, the rare trees and the irises are to be found there. It’s a peaceful spot where your pictures will look more beautiful than ever!

Place du Sablon

In the neighborhood of arts and commerce, the place of Sablon is a meeting point for the lovers of sweet treats and pretty things. The Pierre Marcolini shop is always making proof of imagination by decorating its facade according to the seasons. Don’t hesitate to take some shots there!

Mont des Arts

The view of Mont des Arts is one of the most amazing ones of the city. A calm place to wander during the day that often turns into a concert place at night. Great spot! No doubt about that.

✨Day trip to Brussels ✨ #wanderlust #adventure #photography #travel #trip #view #winter #Belgium #europe #Ryanair100K @ryanair

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Parking 58

Few people may know that at the top of the Parking 58 is hidden the greatest view of Brussels. Indeed, up there you’ll enjoy discovering a panorama of Brussels like nowhere else. Bring your smartphone at sunset and take the best shots!

Parc de Bruxelles

Parc de Bruxelles, known also by the name of Parc Royal, has many fountains, statues and events organized there. A beautiful place both in winter and in summer, your followers will love it!

Beautifully autumn in Brussels Royal Park #autumn #leaves #brussels #holiday

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Bois de la Cambre

We couldn’t talk about the most photographic places of Brussels without mentioning the Bois de la Cambre. A lake, some swans, and a great path to walk, this place is the peacefullest of the whole city. Ideal for a late picnic in the summer!

#brussels #park #rowing #peaceofmind ✌️️

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This one is less a main spot of Brussels but is still a nice spot to get some pictures for your Instagram feed, especially if you like food! Café LULU is a mix between a coffee place and a home interior shop, we love the concept!

#cappuccino☕ #bar

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Café de la Presse

Another great coffee place that your followers will definitely like! A style that reminds us of New-York and Berlin will make your pictures are huge hit.

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