With Summer at our doorstep, we selected delicious ice cream that you are going to die to try!

Pierre Marcolini

Ice cream lovers will be delighted by Summer at Pierre’s. Marcolini’s Summer Ice Cream isn’t only easy on the eye, it’s also delicious!  You get to choose from little pots of sublime ice cream with mouth watering names such as “Island Shiver” and “Sugar Shiver” and from amazing esquimaux. They are dipped in chocolate with a stunning array of toppings, all you have to do is choose your favorite flavor and enjoy!


Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial by Nicolas Arnaud

This Summer, the amazing collaboration between Moët & Chandon and Nicolas Arnaud offers us a unique taste of champagne thanks to the Ice Imperial Ice Cream. Nicolas Arnaud, famous pastry cook, managed to create the perfect sorbet with notes of peach, raspberry and mango to only name a few. Trust us, Moët & Chandon will be twice as refreshing this year!


Since 1954 the Berthillon family creates delicious ice creams and sorbets, today more than 70 flavors are available! From the traditional raspberry and vanilla to out of the ordinary flavors such as caramel ginger, Grand-Marnier and our personal favorite orange Gianduja.



This Summer you must taste Magnum Double composed of delicious ice cream covered in a chocolaty layer, luscious sauce and a final crack of Magnum chocolate. If you have already tried the previous flavors,  go ahead and give Double Raspberry and Double Chocolate Vanilla a try, they are excellent!




Belgian based, Franklin offers delicious flavors with no additional sugar. You can choose between 4 different flavors: Bourbon Vanilla of Madagascar, Creamy Summer Strawberry, Roasted Coffee and Pure Belgian Chocolate made from finely ground cocoa beans.


Stephen Vandeparre

Stephen Vandeparre’s recipes are based on the Italian tradition with fresh cream and Belgian whole milk. The ice cream flavors are classic and irresistible and reflect his know-how perfectly. We fell for the Cuberdon flavor, hurry up and choose your fave!



Everyone knows Godiva and their chocolates but what about the ice cream cones? Sold exclusively in the boutiques, Soft Serve is made of Godiva’s chocolate. Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate & Vanilla Bean or Raspberry and Rose, you choose! The cherry on the ice cream is that you can even add toppings and select your favorite cone!


Picture credits: Marcolini / Berthillon / Franklin / Stephan Vandeparre / Godiva / Moët & Chandon / Globe Views / Magnum

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