Hard to get motivated when it comes to workout but still want a perfect body to show off on the beach this Summer? Don’t worry, we made a selection of sportswear and accessories that will for sure boost your motivation!

Marks & Spencer

Workout doesn’t mean you have to wear boring clothes! This season Marks and Spencer has combined elegance and innovation in its new line of innovative sportswear and it’s fabulous! You can be sure you’ll find exceptional sportswear to start your body Summer program. Lightweight fabrics, breathable tops and slimming leggings with great style. What more? You will love the new collection for its feminine palette of blue and light gray, but also for its bright colours. We had a big crush on the Light as Air sport bra which is super lightweight and offers an excellent level of support and optimal comfort.

MS Harper's Bazaar UK


Comfort and good quality are two very important things when it comes to workout shoes. But if on top of that they are super stylish, that’s even better right?



Always nice to listen to some music while doing sport. It will be such an easy game now with these trendy wireless headphones! You can find them in store or online, they are available in black or rose gold.


You also think that shower time is the best moment in your workout circuit? Then don’t neglect it! It’s time to take care of your body with the deeply nourishing shower foam from Dove! Best sensation of purity and softness to get after a workout!



There’s no better moment than taking care of yourself after a hard workout right? After eliminating water it’s really important to moisturize your skin! Hydra-Filler Mat is the perfect cream to use after you shower. It will moisturize your skin immediately and will last for a long time!


Pictures credits: Harper’s Bazaar UK / Pinterest / Bershka / Target / Feelunique

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