It is no news that Stromae, the world’s favorite Belgian, launched a clothing line: Mosaert.

However, if you are late on the info, here is a little recap: Stromae is not the only one on the team that forms Mosaert! His wife, Coralie Barbier, is the designer and Boldatwork is in charge of the graphic designs that make Mosaert so unique. Every item is made in Europe and has very – VERY – colorful patterns! Their collections are in an affordable price range and include a line for children, women and men, of every age. Mosaert shows that their clothes are not only for the cool kids because actually everyone is a cool kid, even your 70 years old grandpa!

Mosaert works in capsules which symbolize the different collections. Two capsules have already been created and they sold out in a few days due to the high demand and the low quantity of items. Like we said, unique is the key word here!

Have a look at their previous capsules:

Capsule n°1

Capsule n°2

Capsule n°3

This new capsule, the third one, includes t-shirts, joggers, sweaters and socks with the most intricate graphic designs. Boring is definitely not a word that describes their collection! Their capsules are inspired by the British dandyism and African patterns.

The third capsule is available today starting from 5 PM on their online shop but also at Hunting and Collecting in Brussels and at Colette in Paris.

And now, let’s reveal the collection!

*Drum roll*

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(Source: Mosaert)

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