Looking for some great tools to get a flawless coverage? Artis Brush is the brand to keep in mind! The brand is dedicated to the creation of modern cosmetics and makeup brushes for every makeup addict. Discover our new crush!

artis Caffeineted

Artis is the best in terms of ease of application! In fact, your makeup will apply more uniformly thanks to the CosmeFibre. All Artis brushes are 100% Animal-Free.

artis 4

The Palm Brush is called that way because it fits right in the palm of your hand. It’s really comfortable and it provides unique application control. We love its ultra-minimalist design!

artis 3

There’s a brush fitting any application whether you’re looking for a brush to apply foundation, blush, highlights, setting powder over even skincare formulas like moisturizer or sunscreen. If you can’t decide, we highly recommend you the Elite Mirror 5 Brush Set! Moreover their marble packagings are just so trendy!

artis 2

Looking for the best way to take care of your brushes? Their cleansing sets are just WOW – amazing!

Artis cleaning

These beautiful brushes will give you remarkable results! As they say “Artis is like the Rolls Royce of makeup brushes”. After using Artis you might give away all of the other makeup brushes you own!

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