We all want to have a flawless makeup that looks like it’s been done by a pro. Here are the fundamental steps to get an amazing look:

Step #1: Great prepping products

It’s essential to prepare your skin before wearing makeup. It is a base for your makeup as it will provide a smoother and easier application. Moreover, it will make it last longer.


You don’t want skin redness anymore? Prep + Prime Skin is what you need to get a perfect and radiant skin tone. This great product improves the laydown and application of any foundation or powder.

Before wearing any lipstick, it is really important to moisturize your lips. Prep + Prime Lip will help smooth and fade out fine lines. It increases any lipstick’s durability by providing long-term hydratation. How great!

Step #2: Healthy foundation & concealer

Use foundation to get perfectly even skin and concealer to erase any blemishes. Here’s a tip to choose the most convenient shade: always choose one that’s invisible on your chin and neck in full daylight.


Healthy Mix is the new generation by Bourjois designed for radiant skin. The foundation provides a natural result and a divinely unified complexion. It will boost any tired skin, and will give your face a good dose of vitamins and energy! 

The concealer will help you say goodbye to any signs of fatigue. Dark circles and imperfections will immediately disappear, just like magic!  


Step #3: Insane brushes

You don’t like to apply makeup with your hands? Neither do we. In order to apply  your foundation and concealer perfectly you need awesome brushes, great coverage guaranteed!

Artis Brush

This brush called Oval 7 will help you! It is the perfect accessory to apply your foundation, blush, highlighting, bronzing, skincare and setting powders. It’s the perfect size face brush! Artis brushes are made exclusively with CosmeFibre, a revolutionary engineered fibre.


If you’re looking for a great brush sets you won’t be disappointed by Artis Brush. We tried the Elite Smoke 5 Brush Set and we are conquered! This set includes different types of brushes for different uses. For example, there’s one brush to apply foundations, blush, and contour. Two other brushes are for eye makeup application. Another one will help you apply a thin line of product along the lashes or help perfect the brow shape. And finally the last one is great to apply lip colour or concealer.

artis make up1 sur Highendlove

Step #4: Bronzing powder

Bronzing powders make you keep that sun-kissed colour during the whole year. Don’t limit your summer tan from June through September!

Sisley Paris

If you’re looking for the perfect bronzing powder, this is it! We’ve got a big crush on Phyto-Touche Sun Glow Powder, a creamy powder by Sisley. This trio powder includes two golden beige shades to tailor your tan and a blush shade to add freshness and radiance.

Step #5: Brow pencil

By redesigning your eyebrows, your look will instantly look brighter. Ensure you have perfect brows everyday!


Bourjois again? Well we can say that it is really a must-have brand in your makeup bag. Brow Duo Sculpt is a 2-in-1 eye brow pencil and highlighter. We love it because it reshapes and defines brows with the powder pencil side, then it brightens eyes and lift brows with the highlighter side.

Step #6: Amazing mascara

Mascara is a key step to bring depth to your eyes. It will not only make your lashes darker; but also adds length and thickness. It’s the best way to draw attention to your eyes!

Rimmel London

To celebrate the release of Fifty Shades Darker, they launched Extra Super Lash – a new limited edition – with some great exclusive design by Rita Ora. If you’re looking for highly defined lashes, you should definitely go for it! It is warterproof so it’s great if you plan to wear it all day. This black mascara will give you a flirty look that everyone will envy!

Step #7: Lipstick

A makeup look is never completed without amazing lipstick!

Kat Von D

The Studded Kiss Lipstick leaves lips feeling soft. We love the Crème Brûlée scent that provides a sweet experience when you apply it. It’s designed by Kat Von D and looks like one of her favorite bracelets, how fancy! You can find them at Sephora. There are 39 colors, plenty enough to find what fits you best!

katvondstuddedlipstick via Temptalia

Step #8: Fixing Spray

It’s essential to prep for heat waves to come, fixing sprays will keep your makeup from sliding down your face. Forget about the espresso or green juices, what your skin needs first is a shot of glow-giving mist!


Prep + Prime Fix is a mist of water packed with vitamins and minerals that will gently soothe and refresh your skin. You’ll have an instant boost of hydration.

mac step7 make up

Feel inspired, and remember… you’re beautiful!

Pictures credits: Tamira Jarrel / Mac /Superdrug / Feelunique / Artis Brush / Sisley / LifeandLooks /  Highendlove / Temptalia / Hello Miss Niki

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