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Every year, you write yourself a huge list of good resolutions? that you finally lose somewhere or won?t follow for more than two weeks. If you are a woman, I know I?m not wrong saying that the three first resolutions are : ?Stop drinking alcohol?, ?Losing weight?and ?Going to the gym?.
For the first one, I?m sorry but I can?t do anything for you!
However, I might be able to help with the two others.

Last summer, I discovered my new source of motivation, Kayla Itsines.

This young Australian personal trainer has created an entire physical and nutritional programme to feel better in your body and get more confident about it, the ?Bikini Body Guide?.

In the nutritional guide, you learn how to eat correctly during the whole day with examples of typical ?Kayla week meals?. I personally figured out that I could eat five times a day (GORGEOUS!) in order to reduce the portion of each of my meals.

Concerning the workout guide, you will find 12 weeks of exercises with clear illustrations to show you how to train three times a week.

The goal is to do as many times as you can the given repetitions in the first series, in 7 minutes. Then you move on to the second series, for 7 minutes too, come back to the first and then one last time to the second one. This training will only take you 28 minutes then, plus the minute of rest you take between each series.

The first times, you will be glad to complete just once the different exercises in the series. And when you feel better, you?ll be able to repeat two more exercises, and then maybe four.

If you have never exercised before, I hardly recommend you to do two weeks of cardio (running, swimming, cycling, etc.) to prepare your body before starting this programme.

And I would like to give you my personal opinion about my experience.

First of all, I made a bet with my boyfriend, saying that if I didn?t go through all the 12 weeks of training, I had to buy him a present. But if I succeeded this first programme, he would buy me a gift on a par with his satisfaction of my body?s transformations. (We all need something to stay motivated!)

Therefore,I had the drive (even when I didn?t feel it) to go three times a week to the gym to do my exercises. Sometimes I did them home because you don?t need many accessories.

Kayla also recommends doing two sessions of cardio, which is essential if you want to loose weight and get fitter. But exercising five times a week is pretty hard when you work the whole day.

Therefore,I tried to do at least one session of cardio every week (swimming when you finish the week on Friday after your workout, or running in the forest on Sunday). And every two weeks of workouts, I dedicated one week for cardio training by swimming, running outside and going to the cycling class (it is important to vary otherwise you get bored).

I didn?t skip any workout session or postponed it to the week after.

So it?s been 5 months now that I train every week and I feel so good about that!

Here are some additional advices I would like to share:

It is very important to warm up your body before training. Running 10 or15 minutes on the speedwalk is enough, and then doing some exercises to relax your articulations (hips, knees, neck, ?).

It is also necessary to cool down when you are done, by walking at a good pace on the speedwalk, or outside. You have to lower you heartbeat very slowly and there is no excuse, because your body will keep on burning calories!

And of course, you can not miss a good session of stretching after all the trainings! In addition it is very bad for your body not to stretch after exercising, believe me, you won?t be able to walk!

Therefore, do a general stretching and insist especially on the muscles that have worked.

In total, with the warm-up, the workout and the stretching, it will take you a maximum of one hour, so I?m sure it?s possible to find three hours in a week.

Don?t hesitate to ask the advices of a coach or a personal trainer if you train at a gym. In addition to reading Kayla?s explanations very carefully, you can ask a professional to show you the exercise before. You need to have the best possible position while making your exercise otherwise you will quickly have knees, head or back problems, even if you don?t feel them immediately.

At the very beginning, don?t be scared if you feel a sudden drop in blood pressure or if you want to throw up. Unfortunately this seems to be normal. I had the same. Take your time to exercise correctly and think about drinking water the whole day, it will help increasing your blood pressure. While exercising, drink regularly but only small sips. Moreover, don?t be surprised if you feel that the third month of exercises is particularly hard. According to me, the level is too high too quickly, and Kayla should have inserted another 4 weeks of workout between the second and the third month to be really able to do it correctly.

Concerning the cardio, if you are not a great athlete, you can start running softly. After a few weeks, try to run at least 45 minutes. Then you will reach 10 kilometres, that you keep doing every week.

Swimming after a workout is really relaxing, but you also have to swim at least 45 minutes if you really want to burn calories.

The food has always been my biggest problem. Well, I don?t see it as a problem as long as I?m an epicurean. I?m also out almost everynight because of my work? or because of my friends!

Therefore, I try to eat light and healthy as much as I can, but I don?t always feel like depriving myself, especially at the end of the year with all the Christmas and cheese dinners!

Nevertheless, I never skip my breakfast, I eat fruits twice a day (around 10 am and around 4 pm), and I try (whenever I can) to prepare and pack my lunch with plenty of vegetables.

My results are not as impressive as the ones of the girls you can see on Kayla?s social networks. But the results are there. It?s true that I kept a social life and I didn?t centre my attention on my diet, but I took many more good and healthy habits about the way I eat and the way I train. I want to keep this way of living because I do fell more confident about myself.

I will start another time the first volume of Kayla?s Bikini Body Guide before moving on to the second.

You can buy both guides on her website, you will be able to download them immediately.

And if you?re not sure about it, you can start with her free downloads to give you an idea of how much you will suffer, but how much you will get addicted to this stuff too!

It is also very motivating to follow her on her social networks as she posts pictures every day of her while doing her workout, or other girls? transformations.


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