Every day we spend hours in front of screens of computers, smartphones, tablets, video games, TV’s, etc. We over-expose ourselves to blue light which is very harmful to our eyes. That’s why Afflelou just launched its new range of glasses: the Blue Block.


We like to be connected anywhere at anytime. So, it’s worth being proactive and protecting our eyes from the potential harm of digital screens.The new Blue Block glasses offer a real innovation to free consumers from the harmful effects of blue light. 


This collection is equipped with exclusive glass. It permits everyone, from the youngest age, to protect its eyes. They are available with or without correction and there are plenty of colours to choose from!


It will give you optimal vision comfort while making you look great! So if you’re one of those who spends hours in front of the computer or smartphone, grab yours and reduce digital fatigue!

Pictures credits: Afflelou / Selim Niederhoffer / Eye Buy Direct

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